Program or Project Management

Whether in manufacturing, machining, or construction we often serve as program or project manager subcontractors.

We offer comprehensive management and control of all aspects of a project throughout all phases of its life to achieve prescribed goals through objectives defined in the terms of safety, time, quality and cost. We possess the necessary skills, experience and qualifications to provide expertise to develop, lead, implement and coordinate the efforts of a comprised team .

Programs – typically large in scope with many variables and numerous documentation requirements – turn-key type efforts involving many stakeholders.

Projects – usually develop (or have the potential to become) programs, or can evolve from a succession of jobs. This level also includes multiple stakeholders.

Jobs – usually many one-off's, add-hoc or short-notice, sometimes short runs, and typically not re-occurring.

We help establish, manage and monitor a job, a project, or a program in an effort to realize improved outcomes without compromise to excellence, safety or quality! Ultimately, we work to equip you so that you no longer need our help!


Building the Next Generation Workforce...

Allow people to belong as they become. Equip people to be successful in what they do so that they grow in person and profession or vocation; yet, be mindful of “right fit.”

Knowledge transfer and training development largely involve the building-up of less experienced staff or cross-training existing staff by offering programs that strengthen a person’s theoretical, technical, and applied capabilities.

Establish training programs to include qualitative measures such as Task Knowledge Understanding and Task Performance Capability.

Create a workplace culture that becomes and remains more vibrant, healthy, productive, and responsible.


It’s not enough to create a job, but rather it is essential to develop people so that they have a career. A job is nice; a lifelong career is preferred, and careers develop over time.
— G. Ken Kremsreiter

- A Veteran Owned Small Business -