Manufacturing and Machine Shop

We've worked on a variety of manufacturing and machine shop efforts ranging from ISO implementation, operations and production performance, on-the-job training and knowledge transfer programs. We've led efforts to strengthen leadership throughout the various levels of management. We do operational performance and customer experience programs, program and project management.

Our past work has involved coming into a group to bring about improvement or correction in the areas of quality, efficiencies, and effectiveness of people, machines, and supplies. To that end, we are accustomed to serving as project or program managers. In many situations, we have served as interim leaders in the areas of operations and production performance. We've led performance improvement efforts whereby after improvements have been realized we were able to further develop many jobs into a greater opportunity thus becoming a larger project or a full-scale program.

We are skilled at performing in-depth cost justification program reviews, PDRs and CDRs and machine upgrade efforts no matter the varied number of stakeholders involved, types of machines, or unknown aspects of a hope for a preferred or desired future. We can help pull all the detail together...connect the dots and it all together into a seamless and well communicated and documented package. 

No matter how tenuous, meticulous, or frustrating a situation, we work wholeheartedly to strike a healthy balance between all stakeholders. Our ability to focus on the detail, keep sight of the big picture, and help bring about a more healthy, agile, and productive work-place are hallmarks to how we help you succeed!

We have worked on efforts that involve numerous multi-partner or tiered supplier relationships, and with various levels of documentation requirements. We are comfortable in settings involving private and public entities, small-to-medium and large businesses partnered. We've led production efforts procured by a government (or military defense) as well as civilian private/public companies.

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