Staff Management, Planning and Scheduling

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— G. Ken Kremsreiter

With 35 years working across the full continuum in nursing services, administration, human resources, technology innovation and implementation, operations, quality and safety, our team offers broad-base and in-depth experience, knowledge, and understanding of staffing and its impact on operational performance, quality and safety. With us you get the wherewithal necessary to unequivocally know the state-of-readiness and pulse of your facilities (labor and related fiscal), prospectively, concurrently, and retrospectively; at any level for any area—24/7-365!

In healthcare, we are experts in staffingstaff management, planning and scheduling across the full continuum. Staffing is as much an art as it is a science. Staffing is about people serving people. First and foremost, it's about the patients or residents! Second to that, it's about the people who directly (and indirectly) serve the patients or residents!

If you have nurse1 staffing challenges, you’re not alone. Stop reasoning to justify poor staffing2 due to a nurse shortage. Don't embrace this widely accepted ascendancy (governing or controlling influence) as if there is nothing you can do to improve staffing. In contrast, if you are experiencing adequate (and available) people resources (e.g., nursing staff), great! Progressive organizations, nevertheless, know that good staffing is a matter of utmost concern.

Good staffing serves in the best interests of all stakeholders.  Dare to be different. Set your organization (or facility) apart from othersstaffing does matter; it makes all the difference! Nurse staffing is dynamic, highly involved and takes into account many considerations.

1Herein this snippet, nurse means; for example, RN, LPN, Med-Tech, Cert. Medication Aid, CNA, etc. Using this operational definition of nurse, 33forward’s team does not agree that... a nurse is a nurse — a regular comment we hear often and a seemly held view of many people within the ranks of non-nurse type front-line managers, executives and, unfortunately, amongst owners too.

2Poor staffing is when nurse staffing levels (a skill-mix ratio consideration) do not accurately reflect (are below or at the minimum) desired staffing levels based on the case-mix (acuity + census).

Employ sound standards of staff management, planning and scheduling necessary to simultaneously:

·       significantly increase your resource potential,

·       realize and sustain desired nurse staffing levels driven by case-mix,

·       deliver better (consistency in) continuity of care,

·       eliminate non-compliance due to staffing related issues,

·       enhance team (espirt de Corp, comradery and respect) and the workplace culture, and establish consistency in practice,

·       significantly increase retention (reduce turnover) and improve employee satisfaction and well-being,

·       keep within salary expense budgets (minimize salary expense budget variances),

·       improve communication and understanding across respective stakeholder groups,

·       correct disconnects; build stronger and more accurate connects (bridges of understanding, expectations, and internal support) between nursing services, administrative services, operational services, and other support (ancillary) services,

·       improve overall operational performance and outcomes in the interests of all stakeholders.

You don’t have to accept standards that are lower than is desirable! Operate in the spirit of excellence without compromise in quality or safety of your patients or residents, or your staff!

Let us help— you don't know what you're missing in gain otherwise!

Consistently achieve staffing necessary to provide the right service(s) (e.g., care) at the right time(s) and place(s) by the right person(s) with the right qualification(s) and fit at the right cost(s) without compromise to excellence, safety and quality; cooperatively and accommodatingly in service to, and in the best interest of all stakeholders.

Staffing is somewhat elusive, yet all-inclusive. It is the whole of staff management, planning, and scheduling. Staffing is elusive in that it tends to evade grasp or pursuit of multiple desired outcomes, it is often laborious to comprehend or define, and it can be difficult and very involved to isolate and capture underlying root causes and effects. Staffing is all-inclusive in that it involves tens of hundreds of variables and multiple decision-makers or stakeholders who have different views and generally pursue distinct competitive goals.

Staffing includes staff management (human capital), planning (resource utilization) and scheduling. Staffing is about resource potential! Scheduling is not an isolated, stand-alone function. Collectively, it aims to meet individual (employee) needs (vacations, etc.) and the productive needs of an organization (budgets, operational & services, etc.) as planned or foreseen (predictive scheduling). Later, there is on-going adaptation of existing schedules as unforeseen events occur that cause breakdowns or gaps (reactive scheduling). The dynamic nature of scheduling has two different considerations that are constantly in-play.

One consideration is the unpredictability of the execution environment. No matter how well defined a predictive schedule is, reactive procedures are needed to cope with unexpected events or occurrences of workers, as well as changes service needs. The other consideration comes from the intrinsic characteristics of scheduling; scheduling is not an isolated, stand-alone function. Scheduling demands connectivity of information held in the processes of staff management and planning (human capital management and planning). Too, scheduling is somewhat an “art."

Poor staffing (i.e., staff management, planning, and scheduling) leads to poor outcomes (e.g., overtime, short-staffed, safety and compliance issues, high turnover, poor quality, etc.).

Choose to pursue good (excellence in) staffing to simultaneously:

- Minimize salary expense budget variances and keep within budget (provided the salary expense budget is realistic),

- Realize near 100% desired staffing levels (as driven by case-mix requirements),

- Provide near 100% accommodation to employee needs (needs beyond only time-off requests),

...these outcomes without compromise to excellence; quality or safety.

Moreover, realize these three desired states on a projected basis (known or planned) as well as during the more challenging non-projected period (after a schedule is posted involving unforeseen, or short-notice circumstances)—life happens! Noteworthy; data shown there to be an average breakdown of 15% to 35% in a schedule after it posts!

We have the knowledge, experience, and passion to help bring about effective and sustainable staffing resolves.

We have the knowledge, experience, and passion to bring about these (and other) better staffing outcomes. We are exceptionally capable to turn-around most all undesired staffing situations!

Contact us. We are certain that we can make a positive difference!

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